Thursday, July 11, 2013

What to Do When We Hear From God (Prayer Summer)

Somewhere in  Kenya
A friend asked me this question:

"I have a question regarding personal prophecy and need some advice about it. I am minding my own business and out of nowhere comes a voice saying thus says the Lord followed by Scripture. What am I to do with this?"

My response was:

THE scholarly book on prophecy to read is Wayne Grudem's The Gift of Prophecy. Jack Deere's little book on prophecy is exellent, as are Mike Bickle's Growing In the Prophetic and Jim Goll's The Seer. Another great book is Dallas Willard's Hearing God. To help me understand the ideas of New Testament prophecy and hearing from God I read books on the subject.

I am certain God has much he wants to say to his children every day. You are one of God's children. Thus God has much to say to you today.

When this happens to me:

1. I write it in my journal. I have had some impressions that seemed to be from God that have led me to fast and pray until I got an answer. There's sometimes a sense of the level of importance that's made me think: "I need to seek God about this."

2. I take alone-times with God, asking: "God, show me what this means. If it's something you want to say to me I'm open to it."

3. I have some people I run things like this by. I trust their discernment. They personally spend a lot of one-on-one time with God and, therefore, hear from God. We talk together about these things.

4. Keep spending much time with God. Abide in Jesus. That's the place where his sheep hear his voice.