Monday, July 22, 2013

Clarity Comes as We Become Transparent in Prayer (Prayer Summer)

Valley of Elah, Israel

One of our Prayer Summer partners sent me this note.

John - Thank you for doing this Summer Prayer it has been a time of revealing to me and about me from God as well as a renewing. The "In Prayer Be Fully Transparent to God" is refreshing to know and to do. 

I recently was moved from one job to another which took place quickly. I was very unhappy and disappointed about moving. I loved my church family and I didn't want to leave. I was asked about the moving by my boss and I gave some fluff and "normal" response. I said,"I love my job, but whatever you think is best." But I didn't mean it honestly, I was just saying it..... because I was taught too professionally and it seem to be the right thing to say. After I was not transparent with my boss, I became transparent with God and He began to speak to me. He said that he orchestrated all of what was happening because there were hurting people that he wanted me to help with their healing. 

As I began to do the job sent me to do for his people, it has become more and more true and clear. God has been showing me their areas of hurt and while I have been working at helping them, my selfish hurt about leaving one place and position diminished and now is gone. I know I have been sent to this new place to serve God by serving his people and he chose to use me and for that I am now more grateful. He looked passed by lies to my boss, my pouting, tears, and still decided to use me.

> Additionally, over the Summer Prayer, I have been meditating by the water. I was watching a large ship and the speedboats coast and speed across the water. I also watched the dolphins swim under and over the water. God spoke to me and said that there is a current under the surface of the water but you must be like the Large boat and Speedboats. You must coast above the chaos like the boats are above the water. My own personal chaos and the chaos of the job. God said sometimes I will move slow and steady like the large boat and them fast and sharp like the speedboat. I thought WOW! The dolphins I guess were for my pure joy and excitement, because he didn't say anything about them as with talked. 

> After reading your post, I thought this would be a great time to share. Thank you for letting me share!