Monday, April 08, 2013

William Lane Craig's YouTube Videos

Bo tree, in Bangkok

Here is a link to most if not all of William Lane Craig's YouTube videos.

And a note to any W.L.C. scoffers: Bill is intellectually more capable than you are. He has two doctoral degrees and his doctoral mentors were two brilliant thinkers, John Hick and Wolfhart Pannenberg. No internet atheist I know of would be able to sit in the same room with Bill, Hick, and Pannenberg and understand the dialogue. I know this as a friend of Bill, who used to meet and dialogue with him when I was doing my bachelor's degree in philosophy. The reason Bill's debates happen in places like Oxford, against the world's greatest scholars, is precisely because Bill is recognized, in the academic community, as being among them.

Watch, listen, and try to understand.