Friday, April 05, 2013

Catch God's Heart for Northern Ireland - This Sat. at Redeemer, 7 PM

(This note is from one of our Redeemer persons, Josh Lewis.)
Northern Ireland Night 
My name is Joshua Lewis, I have been asked to go to Northern Ireland to Church plant in East Belfast. I will be working with Bishop Harold Miller of Down and Dromore (Church of Ireland) http://www.downanddromore.orgover 1-3 Estates in East Belfast Church plant in the estate(s). 

What do I mean by church planting?

I want to see the community look like the kingdom of God through discipleship, and outreach into the community and schools.

Why is there a need?

The estate(s) that I will be working in are all low-income Protestant estates; some people living there would belong to the paramilitaries. There is also drug abuse, alcoholism, and other things that go along with low-income communities there. 

Come to the Northern Irish Night at Redeemer to learn more about the culture and to the catch Gods heart and vision for Northern Ireland! 


Redeemer Fellowship Church

7 PM