Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Solitude and Community

I led a circle of community worship at Redeemer last Thursday night.

I need, spiritually and emotionally, to be alone with God and together with people. Needed to walk in daily renewal: solitude and community.

By "solitude" I mean being alone with God. Solitude's agenda is: meeting with God alone, and all that this entails.

By "community" I mean being with people with whom I share life's highest values. Community's agenda is: meeting with God together, and all that this entails.

This was the idea for Henri Nouwen. Will Hernandez writes:

"Nouwen genuinely enjoyed being alone with and for God in solitude. Following Jesus’ own example from the Gospels, he consistently carved out time in his daily schedule to quietly be present before God’s presence. He also retreated from his busy life on a periodic basis in order to spend more extended and focused times of contemplation. Unquestionably, Nouwen highly valued the spiritual discipline of solitude, without which he believed no real transformation was possible. Throughout his life, he lived by this conviction." (Hernandez, Henri Nouwen and Spiritual Polarities: A Life of Tension, Kindle Locations 1102-1105)

Get alone with God today. Get together with people who spend time alone with God.