Thursday, August 02, 2012

The Highest Form of Seeking God

Linda has really enjoyed reading Francis Frangipane's And I Will Be Found By You. It's a slim volume, and she's going through it very slowly, because she doesn't want it to end.

I picked it up today and began slow-cooking in it. Francis writes:

"The highest form of seeking God is not for personal needs or even for other people. There comes a time when we seek God for Himself. Maturity comes as we break the cycle of seeking God only during times of hardship. A touch from God is wonderful, but we are in pursuit of ore than just an experience - more than "goose bumps and tears." We are seeking a place of abiding in Christ, where we are keenly aware of His presence within us." (12-13)

I so agree. To seek God only on behalf of one's own self or only out of one's own neediness would be self-motivated. It feels like using God, depending on one's circumstances. Something central and important is missing here. A mature spirituality seeks the interior castle where God dwells. To be discovered by God Himself is the greatest thing, and the goal of all of life.

To know God and be known by God. Great and true blessedness comes from that encounter.