Saturday, August 04, 2012

Ben Witherington's Personal Journey in Biblical Criticism

Unlike Bart Ehrman, whose faith journey led him to distrust the New Testament documents as historically reliable, Ben Witherington's journey in the scholarly study of the NT texts has led him to trust more and more in their historical reliability.

Here's a nice little 4-minute video where Ben expresses this. He says: "Here is what I really want to stress. No one needs to be afraid that, lurking beneath the surface of the Bible, is a book that has deceived us for two thousand years about Jesus or about the truth about Jesus Christ."

Note: "biblical criticism" does not mean being critical of the Bible, but studying the Bible critically; i.e., looking at the biblical texts through scholarly eyes, the original languages, the socsio-cultural and socio-rhetorical contexts, and so on.