Sunday, October 27, 2013

In the Following There Is Empowerment

Green Lake, Wisconsin
In the past few weeks a lot of our Redeemer people have been helping and ministering to a lot of people who need rescuing. This has been happening so much that today I feel I am part of a great Redemptive Army.

I recently shared with someone that, were I to begin another church today and have to choose a name, I would choose a name like "Redeemer." Rescuer. Out-of-bondage-purchaser-and-deliverer. (BTW - I predict there will be a return to naming churches by rich biblical names and leaving behind culturally relevant names such as "The Church of What's Happening Now." This will be a prophetic act of reclaiming secularized territory for the Kingdom of God.)

In our context my Jesus-companions are living out the name "Redeemer" as they get Spirit-empowered and equipped and healed on Sunday mornings and in Home Groups, and then engage 24/7 in the Great Rescue Mission Towards Humanity.

Some things happened last week where I told one person, "This is our enemy coming against us as we help rescue these people." Now, just a few minutes ago, this person called and told me that God's Spirit led them through a seemingly impassable roadblock to a wonderful, praiseworthy breakthrough. So I'm basking in the glow of another battle won by the Lord and for His Kingdom, through His people.

The Spirit empowers as we move out in obedience. I think this is mostly how it happens. Instead of just waiting for something "big" to happen, abide in Christ, listen for His voice, and obey.


It is in the following that there is empowerment.