Sunday, October 06, 2013

How Can I Build More Prayer Time Into My Life? (PrayerLife)

Chair, at Payne Theological Seminary

One of my former seminary Spiritual Formation students wrote to me:

Dear Dr. Piippo:

I enjoyed the class last year and I continue to be consistent in mediating and taking some time to spend with God. Do have any suggestions that would allow me to develop a greater consistency?  I do it but not everyday.

Sometimes I allow life situations get in the way. I work full-time, go to Payne and a Ministerial Training Institute, so I do some meditation for class but it doesn't feel the same as the time you sent us out with the 23rd Psalm.

Thank you
My response:

Hi _______ - it is so good to hear from you!

Here are some ideas.

My assignment was to spend one hour a day, 5 times a week, praying and meditating on Scripture, and then writing down in your journal what God spoke to you. If you cannot do an hour, then start by scaling back. How about 10-15 minutes a day? Let this time be focused.

My experience is, if someone can build 15 mibutes with God a day, there will be times when God so moves upon that person that the time will extend.

You might return to Psalm 23, and spend a few weeks again with those verses. They never grow old!

Then, return to John chapters 14-15-16.

Then, go to Matthew chapters 5-6-7.

Go slow. Slow-cook in these verses.

And be prepared and ready. For what? For God to move upon you and within you. Remember - He loves you!