Monday, October 14, 2013

What Prayer Is

Moon over Munson Park, Monroe, MI (10/13/13)

The best definition for "prayer" I have ever heard is from Dallas Willard. Willard says: "Prayer is talking with God about what we are doing together."

This is communication, with God, about The Mission.

In real prayer we received comfort, healing, deliverance, and rescue. We receive encouragement. We are told that we are loved. We receive correction. And... we get directions, which call for obedience.

Currently, my prayer life is more defined by listening than speaking. I do bring many requests to God. I also expect to hear much from God.

In prayer we meet with our Commander, and receive our "marching orders."

Willard's definition significantly ups the ante regarding our life. It makes following Jesus more exciting, as well as more real. He really does expect us to follow. This gets very practical, especially when we hear God call you name and say "_______, I want you to do/go/say _______."