Thursday, February 16, 2012

Craig Keener's 4-Volume Commentary on the Book of Acts

For a number of years I've been aware that Craig Keener has been working on his massive, scholarly Acts commentary. Many in my church family have been on Craig's prayer team re. this work. Craig and I have communicated about it.

Now, this coming June, Volume 1 arrives: Acts: An Exegetical Commentary: Introduction and 1:1--2:47. says:  
"Highly respected New Testament scholar Craig Keener is known for his meticulous and comprehensive research. This commentary on Acts, his magnum opus, may be the largest and most thoroughly documented Acts commentary available. Useful not only for the study of Acts but also early Christianity, this work sets Acts in its first-century context.

In this volume, the first of four, Keener introduces the book of Acts, particularly historical questions related to it, and provides detailed exegesis of its opening chapters. He utilizes an unparalleled range of ancient sources and offers a wealth of fresh insights. This magisterial commentary will be a valuable resource for New Testament professors and students, pastors, Acts scholars, and libraries."