Saturday, February 04, 2012

My Apologetics Class - Coming in Spring 2012

Last winter, outside our Redeemer building
I will teach my Apologetics Class at Redeemer Ministry School this Spring, 2012. If you are a Christian theist, live in the greater Monroe area, and want to study apologetics issues with me for 10 weeks, I'd love to have you in this class.

Classes will begin the week of March 20 and run through May.

The day and time is TBA.

If you want to take it: Cost - $150 (covers any books and materials). Contact our church office to register: 734-242-5277.

I'm expecting to teach on some or all of the following subjects, from the POV of Christian theism.
  • The Failure of Atheism as Philosophical Naturalism
  • The Fine-Tuning Argument for the Existence of God
  • The Moral Argument for the Existence of God
  • Is the God of the Old Testament a Moral Monster?: On the Nature of God as Presented In the Old Testament (Paul Copan)
  • A Historical (Extrabiblical) Case for the Resurrection of Christ
  • How Can Jesus Be the Only Way to God When There Are Other World Religions? The Nature of Religious Exclusivism (With special emphasis on Islam - we may take a trip to the Islamic Center of America to learn about Islam from one of their teachers, as we did last year.)
  • How Can the Bible Be From God, and Therefore Authoritative? N.T. Wright On the Judeao-Christian Scriptures as Grand Narrative
  • Why Religion and Science Are Not Incompatible: From Alvin Plantinga's Where the Conflict Really Lies
I teach this material at an introductory level, and enjoy bringing my students to greater, deeper levels of understanding.

If you're interested in this class let me know!