Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Acquiring a Conversational Relationship with God

Most of what I know about my wife Linda has been acquired by spending much time, over the years, with her. It is the same with experiential knowledge of God (which is the only knowledge of God worth having).

John Calvin and William Law, through their writings, assured Dallas Willard “that the same Spirit who delivered the Scriptures to holy men of old speaks today in the hearts of those who gather around the written word to minister and be ministered to. And they warned me that only if this happened could I avoid being just another more or less clever letter-learned scribe – trying to nourish the souls of my hearers out of the contents of my own brain, giving them only what I was able to work up through my own efforts from the Bible or elsewhere.” (Willard, Hearing God: Developing a Conversational Relationship with God, 17)


God speaks to us today. The King of Heaven and Earth requests our attendance, to Him.

What we and our people most need are not more subhuman words and thoughts, but wisdom from God. The good news is that God has not ceased to dispense wisdom, counsel, and direction.

Spend much time in conversational relationship with God and you can expect to hear from Him.

Because our culture does not train us for this, I feel this is mostly an acquired thing. Hearing from God is acquired by people who:

1) Spend much time, one-on-one, with God.
2) Saturate themselves in Scripture.
3) Hang around people who do 1 and 2.

God has much to say to you, today. He wants to engage you in conversation. We learn to hear his voice by engaging God in prayer. No book or seminar "on the subject of prayer" can substitute for this. You learn this by actually praying.