Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Letter to My Snowblower

A week ago my snow-deprived snowblower (S.B.) wrote me a troubled letter, which I posted here.

My response was to connect S.B. with a Grief/Recovery Support Group, shown here.

Then, a few days ago, a letter came, addressed to me, but for both myself and S.B. It was from our friend Gloria Evans, who lives in Sioux Falls, S.D., one of the snowiest places in North America. Except for this year.

Gloria is also an author, and expresses things well. So today I decided to sit down with S.B. and read her the letter. I think it helped.

It's entitled: "Thinking of You"

Teri told me about your Snowblower and, of course,
I read about this tragedy on your blog. It is so sad
that your blower is in such grief while the rest of
us are rejoicing over the lack of snow. But God is
so good. If he watches over the birds who suffer
so in the winter cold, surely he will watch over your
Blower and all the little Shovels during this barren

Please extend my sympathy to this one who has
worked so hard to help make your work easier in
times of stress. How grateful you must be for
that strength in those times of need! Perhaps you
can help by anointing his wheels with a little oil
to keep the rust at bay. Maybe a little stroll along
the old snow covered path...now so bare...will bring
cheer to you both. And there is always hope......
hope for a snowy tomorrow.

I trust that you and Linda are well and that somehow
you will find joy in this bleak winter in spite of the
misfortune of this one so dear to you.

Love to you both. Gloria