Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Advice to a Young Philosopher

My snowblower, waiting for me to
show up and read a letter to her.

One of my MCCC philosophy students is considering getting her Bachelor's degree in Philosophy. She's asked me what opportunities there might be for someone with a Philosophy degree.

Here's my response to her.

Hi ______ - I'm so glad you are in my Philosophy of Religion class.

I suggest that you call a university philosophy department, such as U-Michigan or U-Toledo . Ask them: What do your philosophy graduates do after they graduate? What opportunities are there for them? Most departments track their graduates.

Here are some thoughts I have.

Philosophy graduates learn important life and job skills, like how to think critically, and how to think logically. You might consider taking my Logic class at MCCC in the fall.

Some philosophy graduates go on for a Master's or Ph.D. These degrees allow them to teach, e.g., at community colleges and universities. I think there are a few high schools across the nation that offer courses in philosophy.

You could do a major in Ed. and a minor in philosophy - I've seem some students do that.

Another very interesting area that is growing is the Philosophical Counseling movement. See here, e.g.

If you want to get together sometime and talk more, or talk more on the phone, let me know.