Monday, December 05, 2011

Teaching on the Moral Argument for God (and other things) in New York City in January

On Jan. 22-23 Linda and I will travel to New York City to be with our friends at Faith Bible Church and Seminary.

On Satursday morning I will speak at Faith Bible Church on "Fight the Good Fight of Faith."

On Saturday afternoon I will speak in two workshops:

1) The Moral Argument for God's Existence and the Failure of Atheism (A workshop on Christian Apologetics). This workshop will present an argument for God's existence on the basis of objective moral values. Objective moral values only make sense if God exists. Atheism cannot provide a foundation for objective morality.

2) How to pray for the sick and deliver people from demonic oppression In this workshop we will look at the place of healing and deliverance as central to Jesus's understanding of the Kingdom of God.

Linda will also lead two workshops:

1. Deeper Life Transformation (Linda) - In this workshop we will look at how Christ's love changes us for His Kingdom.
2. Keys to Christ-Centered Relationships (Linda). In this workshop we will present Christ-centered values that apply to friendship, dating, courtship, and marriage.

I am especially excited about teaching on the Moral Argument for God's existence, how atheism is committed to ontological physicalism, and the issues and problems this involves.

On Sunday morning, Dec. 23, I'll preach at two services - one translated into Mandarin, the other in English.