Thursday, December 29, 2011

Merry Christmas from our Redeemer Staff!

Here's a fun Bible reserch website -

It's got:
  • Bible Geocoding - find every place mentioned in the Bible on GoogleEarth.
  • Topical Bible - type in a topic, the relevant passages come up. 
  • Realtime Bible Verse Search - "How people are quoting the Bible in 38,405,936 posts since April 2009." This is a feature I can't see myself using.
  • Bible Book Browser - "Hover over each book. Move left and right to go to different chapters. Click to go to that chapter." Click on it and it takes you to Bible Gateway. That's cool, since you don 't have to type in chapter/verse.
  • Verse Photo Composites - check it out. It's interesting. Even though I'll never use it (I think). Read the purpose-of-this-page link.
  • Bible Sentence Paths - "This visualization reduces each word from the ESV Bible to a single pixel. Each line is one sentence. The line turns 90 degrees to the right after every sentence. Colors indicate metadata." Wow! And... am I missing something here?
  • Bible Translation Googleshare
  • Bible Translation Personas
  • Bible Cross References. Note - I don't use cross-reference Bibles, since they are misleading and misinterpretive.
  • Average Year of Text
I might use Topical Bible and Bible Book Browser... we'll see.