Monday, December 05, 2011

Reading Spiritual Journals

I'm reading spiritual journals tonight in preparation for meeting with seven Redeemer Ministry School steudents tomorrow morning who are in my Spiritual Formation class. This is my second week of journal meetings.

A spiritual journal is a record of the voice and activity of God in a Jesus-follower's life.
Moon, over our house
I function as a spiritual coach, or spiritual director. In the past 30+ years I've read over a thousand journals that have been submitted to me by pastors, Christian leaders, and seminary and ministry school students. My task: to pray over these journals and discern hat God is saying and doing in the person's heart and life. I love doing this. Tonight has been no exception.

The journals I've read so far from my RMS students have been deep, clarifying, profound, beautiful, transparent, and agonizing in the sense of bringing grief and fear before the Lord. I am stunned by the honesty and trust exhibited in them.

My students are learning to abide in Christ (see John chs. 14-16) and hear from God. I've got to share one story from a student that caused me to laugh out loud tonight. Call this student Student X.

Student X was out praying for an hour or more. X is learning to listen while praying. "Prayer" is: talking with God about what we are doing together.

Student X had a vision, from God. In the vision God placed a white garment on X, like a piece of clothing.

X told God, "It's too big."

God then told X, "You'll grow into it."

I LOVE THAT! God has plans and purposes for Student X that are way beyond X's own talents and abilities and circumstances. As He does for all who embrace and love Jesus.