Thursday, December 08, 2011

Coming Against Trafficking and Prostitution in Monroe

If you are a Jesus-follower and want to spend His money on the war against trafficking and prostitution, you will do no better than purchase jewelry crafted by the freed women of NightLight in Bangkok.

Last evening at Redeemer many women and men came to our NightLight Tea, set up beautifully decorated tables, served up incredible gourmet-ish snacks and desserts, listened to exquisite live Christmas music, watched as Jeff and Annie Dieselberg were skyped live into the sanctuary, and purchased $3503.00 of jewelry, purses, and paper poinsettias. (!!!) 100% of these sales goes to support the women of NightLight.

Thank you to planners Dee, Tara, Cindy, April, Heidi, Kelsey; to music by Jon; to sound and skype by Jeremiah; to Ferl for the Bangkok t-shirt; to Josh and creew for set up and clean up; to Jeff & Annie; and to everyone who arranged tables, invited guests, purchased from NightLight, set up, cleaned up after, and if I've forgotten anyone please forgive me and thank you so much!

God, thank You...  We love spending our lives and Your resources on Your Kingdom Redemptive Movement.

Here are some photos I took of last evening.

More photos are on my Facebook page.