Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Philosophy of Religion Exams - Fall 2011

Morphology of Skull of Sigmund Freud
-Salvador Dali
Today and Thursday I'm giving my philosophy of religion students at MCCC their final, 10-minute oral exams. (Room A153)

I've spent the last 4 weeks lecturing on these, so the students know exactly what I'm asking and what I want from them.

Their ability to simply state the arguments gives them a 'B' on the exam. If they demonstrate understanding of the arguments at an introductory level, this can raise the 'B' to 'B+,' 'A-,' or 'A.'

For this final exam the four questions are:
  1. Explain Nietzsche's "parable of the madman."
  2. Explain Bertrand Russell's "A Free Man' Worship" (Russell's Four Pillars of Atheism).
  3. Explain Freud's "The Future of an Illusion" (religion as the projection of a "heavenly father" on the basis of an "infantile prototype."
  4. Explain Plantinga's modal version of the Ontological Argument for the Existence of God.