Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gary & Linda Wilson on Ravi Kandal - at Redeemer Tonight

Gary & Linda Wilson just sent me this note about Ravi Kandal, who will be with us tonight and tomorrow at Redeemer. (7 PM tonight; tomorrow - 10:30 AM; 7 PM) Gary & Linda are Darrren Wilson's parents.

Hi John,
Just a quick word to encourage everyone to come hear Ravi tonight and tomorrow. Darren, who knows him well, says: "He's one of the most amazing people I've ever met in all my adventures around the world. And that's saying a lot!"

We are in for a MAJOR treat having him here. God has released him to be in "Father of Lights" which thrills Darren. This is a quiet and humble man of God who hears the audible voice of God almost daily. Jesus has appeared "in the flesh" to him many times. He has had experiences that are beyond belief (but are real) and God has given him some deep insights into the kingdom.

Do not miss this incredible opportunity. The only other place he has spoken on this trip was Darren's church in Chicago. We are blessed and privileged to have him!!

See you there,
Gary and Linda Wilson