Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Not Trying to Build a Church

Linda and I continue to read Eugene Peterson's The Pastor: A Memoir. Everyone who is a Jesus-follower ought to read it. Every pastor needs to read it. It will take the "mega" out of you and restore your sanity.

So... what is "church?" Peterson writes:

"Being the church meant that the Holy Spirit was conceiving the life of Jesus in us, much the same way the Holy Spirit had conceived the life of Jesus in Mary. We weren't trying to be a perfect or model or glamorous church. We were trying to get out of the way and pay attention to the way God worked in the early church and was working in us. We were getting it: worship was not so much what we did, but what we let God do in and for us. These months of worship in our catacombs sanctuary had made their mark on us: we were a people of God gathereed to worship God. The single word, "worship," defined what we were about."

  • Church is a people
  • Church is a people led by God
  • God builds real church
  • Stop trying to build a church
  • Attach yourself to Jesus
  • Listen for God's voice... pay attention
  • Churches grow organically, not in a blueprint way
  • Worship