Thursday, April 07, 2011

Furious Love - First Night

What a great night we had at our Furious Love Event!
  • 600 people were there.
  • This included many from around the world and all over the U.S.
  • We had a great time leading worship before God and a tremendous worshiping bunch of people.
  • Darren said introductory words and welcomed everyone there.
  • I felt led to call Darren & Jenell and Gary and Linda up on the platform. I asked Gary to give a prayer of blessing over his son. It was touching and beautiful.
  • Shampa Rice gave a message that every Jesus-follower needs to hear - on the love of God. She's a great speaker ina compelling ministry in India.
  • In the afternoon I asked Shampa's husband Jonathan of he wanted to come watch me teach my Philosophy of Religion class. To my delight he joined me. I taught on Bertrand Russell's "A Free Man's Worship" and the logic of atheism. Russell's essay is what real atheism looks like. I'll teach some Niezsche next, my favorite atheist.
Tomorrow is a full day. I'll introduce Greg Boyd in the morning. Tomorrow night Greg will play drums on our worship team and I get to play with him! Then, Heidi Baker will preach. It should be a good night.