Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Morning in Nairobi

Rift Valley escarpment west of Nairobi
Here's the day so far which, on this side of the planet, has just begun. Here we're 7 hours ahead of Detroit time.

  • Slept better last night - got 6 hours of solid sleep. Did not awake in CHM (comatose hibernation mode).
  • Al and I ate at the PanAfric's breakfast buffet. Lots of food, including meats, fruits, pastries, eggs, pancakes, fruit drinks. But for me... I had a bowl of whole grain cereal, and a bowl of coconut cardamom oatmeal with some honey added. I liked it!
  • We're packing up to leave Nairobi today. Cliff picks us up at noon. We drive 5 hours NW to Eldoret. 
  • 70 pastors from Kenya and Uganda await us there. I'll teach them Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
Now... the Rift Valley outside Nairobi. Here's from a site that writes about it.

"The Great Rift Valley is a massive rift or fault on the surface of the earth that runs from northern Syria in the Middle East all the way down to central Mozambique in southeastern Africa. In Africa, the rift splits into two: the Eastern Rift Valley and the Western Rift Valley.

The Eastern Rift Valley runs through Kenya from Lake Turkana in the north and beyond Lake Magadi in the South. It is the home to breathtakingly unique geographical features, including geysers, extinct volcanoes, gorges, escarpments, the Aberdare Range and numerous lakes. Some of the oldest human fossils have been found here.

On the drive from Nairobi, the capital city, to Nakuru in the Rift Valley, there are a number of scenic overlooks along the way, where the ground suddenly drops away from the road into a steep valley that expands several thousand miles in every direction."

I have my camera and binoculars ready.