Monday, October 11, 2010

The Christology of Acts

Boy, in Jerusalem

Yesterday at Redeemer was a milestone for our church family. In the spring of 2005 I felt God say to me that we were to preach through the four Gospels, and do so chronologically. We did it. Yesterday was the last (and 260th!) Real Jesus message. We had people share testimonies about what they've learned about Jesus. As a church, we know Jesus better, and more accurately. Because we live in an increasingly Jesus-illiterate culture, I see this as extremely important and relevant.

The result of my intensive Jesus research has brought me closer to him, more taken by him, and more familiar with him. My passion for Jesus has only increased!

Next Sunday we begin "The Christology of Acts." We'll preach the Jesus and Kingdom ideas in the Book of Acts.

Then, we flow into the exalted "Christology of Paul." I'm already meditating on Paul's letters (again), and studying Gordon Fee's excellent Pauline Christology. This preaching series will take me into the nursing home, from where I'll continue preaching holographically.