Sunday, May 07, 2023

Seven Steps to Obtaining the Baptism With the Holy Spirit


                                                                  (Redeemer Monroe)

I spoke this morning, at Redeemer, on "The Baptism With the Holy Spirit." I recommended, for study, Randy Clark's book Baptized In the Spirit: God's Spirit Resting on You with Power.

In the book Randy shares R. A. Torrey's Seven Steps to Obtaining the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. Here they are.

The first step involves repenting and accepting Jesus as Christ and Lord. 

The second includes changing one’s mind about sin, renouncing it, and finding a place of honesty in one’s heart.

The third step involves humbling ourselves in our confession of sin. 

The fourth step is obedience and a “total surrender to the will of God.” 

The fifth step, found in Luke 11:13, is having an intense desire in your heart to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. 

The sixth step, also from Luke 11:13, is to ask for a blessing and baptism. Torrey believed that “what was given to the Church must be appropriated by each believer for himself.”

The seventh and final step is laid out in Mark 11:24 and states that one must have faith in order to receive the baptism.

(pp. 116-117; from Torrey's book The Baptism With the Holy Spirit, p. 39)

Clark writes, "These are all crucial steps in preparing oneself for receiving the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Imagine what the Church would look like if every believer fully embraced these seven steps in his or her life!"   (p. 117)