Tuesday, January 10, 2023


Renewal School of Ministry Term Offered: Winter 2023 

Course Name: How God Changes the Human Heart

Times/Dates: 1.5 hour Zoom meetings for six weeks, Begins Monday January 16, 2023 and meets on six consecutive Mondays at 8:00 PM ET. 

The classes will be live via Zoom. 

Course Content: The basic question of the spiritual life is not “Are you growing spiritually?”, but “Is Christ being formed in you?” This class will equip you to understand the spiritual formation of the character and ability of Christ, in you. We’ll look at what the Bible says about this, and what Christian authors have written about it. The class will include practical exercises that relate to Christ being formed in us. This class will draw you closer to Jesus, as it empowers real spiritual change in your life. 

Requirements for Credit: To receive credit for the course students will need to: 

• Attend every live Zoom session. 

• Participate in the class discussions. 

• Spend thirty minutes alone with God, five days of the week, for the next six weeks. Use the assigned Bible verses during your times with God. You may also use the book of Proverbs (read it slowly!). 

• Keep a spiritual journal during the six weeks. When God speaks to you, write it down. 

• When the six weeks is over, write a three-page summary of what you have learned in the class. 

• One absence is permitted. Students can make up the class by watching the Zoom replay. If a student misses more than one live class session they will be dropped from the class. 

Book Requirements: You will not be required to purchase any books. Dr. Piippo is writing his book on this subject, and will share materials from his book with students as the heart of the teaching. 

Costs: There is $10 fee to cover costs for taking courses in the Renewal School of Ministry. 

Please enroll for the course/s on our website: www.hsrm.org

Instructor: Dr. John Piippo is a pastor at Redeemer Fellowship Church in Monroe, Michigan. He has an M.Div. degree from Northern Baptist Theological Seminary, and a PhD in philosophical theology from Northwestern University. John has taught this material around the world in seminaries and conferences. He is also on the Executive Committee of Holy Spirit Renewal Ministries. He has been married to Linda for forty-eight years, and has two sons, Daniel (Allie) and Joshua (Nicole). They have two beautiful grandchildren. 


• johnpiippo@msn.com 

• 734-731-1709