Wednesday, October 05, 2022

Why Pray if God Already Knows What We Will Ask For?


                                                             (Lake Erie, near our house.)

Why pray if God already knows what we will ask for? I've given an answer to this HERE.

J. P. Moreland presents what, to me, looks like the argument I gave. (In his book A Simple Guide to Experience Miracles.)

Consider these two statements.

A: It must be the case that if God foreknows that X will happen, then X will happen.

B: If God foreknows that X will happen, then X must happen.

While the two statements seem to be saying the same thing, they are not. Statement A is true. Statement B is false. Statement A does not imply that God determines the future.

So, this statement is false: If God already knows what will happen in the future, then it has to happen, whether or not we pray for it.

For more, see Moreland's book, pp. 51 ff.