Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Why Believe the Bible Is a Book From God?



Everyone has an authoritative text.

Alisa Childers' new book came out today. I picked it up for Kindle, and am now reading. I thought her first book, Another Gospel?, was excellent. So, I am looking forward to this one.

I like how she writes about the Bible as a from-God book.

"My first book, Another Gospel?, explains the evidence I discovered for staking my life on Scripture after my own faith was severely shaken. The short version is this: Scripture has stood the test of thousands of years, been endorsed by millions who have been transformed by its truth, and given countless believers a solid foundation for knowing God and living out their faith. We have good evidence from history, archaeology, and biblical scholarship to trust that we have an accurate copy and that what it records is true. Jesus told us in Matthew 24:35 that his words will never pass away. We know from Hebrews 13:8 that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He doesn’t change, and his words will remain forever. To put it another way, I believe the Bible is the Word of God because that was Jesus’ view. I am a Jesus follower, and my beliefs reflect what he taught."

(Childers, Live Your Truth and Other Lies: Exposing Popular Deceptions That Make Us Anxious, Exhausted, and Self-Obsessed, pp. 6-7). T