Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Nietzsche - Morality is Only About Personal Taste, or Aesthetics

                                                          (Redeemer Church, Monroe, MI)

If there is no God, then there are no objective moral values. Many intellectual atheists agree with this. What about, then, all the moral pronouncements being put forth, e.g., Racism is wrong? What about microaggressions? Here's how atheist Friedrich Nietzsche saw this. Carl Trueman writes:

"Nietzsche’s notion that morality is really about taste is very helpful in thinking about our current moral climate. So often the language we use confirms that Nietzsche’s perspective is now a cultural intuition. So often we will speak of morality in terms of taste or aesthetics: “That remark was hurtful;” “That idea is offensive;” “That viewpoint makes me feel unsafe.” Notice that such expressions do not make a statement about whether the matters in hand are right or wrong. In fact, the underlying assumption is that the offensiveness or hurtfulness of them is identical with the moral content. The subjective response has become the ethical criterion for judgment.

(Trueman, Strange New World, pp. 57-58)

Wokeness... to what?