Monday, October 28, 2019

Help for Worry

Cancun sunrise

I still worry too much. My worry comes from losing spiritual focus. It grows in the soil of false belief, thinking I am left behind, on my own. I can mentally acknowledge that God is with me. But there are times when I this truth does not capture my heart. At that point I am susceptible to worry.  

Here are things that combat worry.

  • Spending solitary praying time with God. This restores my heart to its proper place. 
  • Being in community with my brothers and sisters. 
  • Reading Scripture and meditating on it.  
  • Listening to experienced Jesus-followers and learning from them. 
  • Remembering how God has been with me.
  • Counting my blessings. (I often carry a list of them, looking at them, and giving thanks to God for them.)
  • Organizing and doing. Taking action, where I am able and available. 
  • Walking in obedience.
  • Worshiping.

Doing these things recapture my heart. My renewed heart experiences God with me, working through me, assuring me that I am not alone.