Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Identity, and the Logic of Nietzsche's Atheism


                                                   (One week ago we had snow! 4/18/22)

The atheist philosopher Nietzsche had so many things right, given his atheism. That is, if atheism were true, then Nietzsche understands what follows.

Here's an example of this, from Carl Trueman's book Strange New World.

"For Nietzsche, the great task facing human beings is to break free of the metaphysical myths that religion weaves and to shatter the moral codes that hinder individuals from being strong. We might express Nietzsche’s thought this way: freed from the burden of being creatures of God, human beings must rise to the challenge of self-creation, of being whoever they choose to be. Put perhaps even more bluntly: be whoever or whatever works for you. You should feel no obligation to conform to the standards or criteria of anybody else." (Strange New World, pp. 56-57)