Friday, March 11, 2022

The Church, the Bible, Culture, and Politics - A 6-session Zoom Class


Would you like to learn about and discuss the church's relationship to politics and culture without without getting into heated, unfruitful, uninformed anger-sessions on social media?

Want to engage in some intelligent discussion about political issues?

Why not spend six 1 1/2 hour sessions with me, for only $10, and take my online class, "The Church, the Bible, Culture, and Politics." I will share in-depth responses to these and other questions, using Scripture and church history.

We live in a post-Christian culture. How do we remain faithful, even influential, in our world?

What does it mean to not be "conformed to this world?" (Romans 2)

What does our faith have to say about our relationship to political systems?

What are the reigning political systems in this post-Christian world?

How have followers of Jesus, throughout history, related and responded to government?

Six 1 1/2 hour zoom sessions. Monday nights. 8-9:30 PM EST.

First class - March 21.

Offered by Renewal School of Ministry.

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Christianity, Culture, and Politics - A Select Bibliography