Monday, August 17, 2020

Has God Called You to Watch More News on TV?


                                                                   (Dragonfly on our sidewalk.)

This is for followers of Jesus who believe God is like a Shepherd who guides His sheep through the valleys and mountains of life.

This is for those who believe God speaks to them. As when Jesus said, "My sheep hear my voice, and follow." (On hearing God, see HERE, and HERE.)

This is for all who believe it is possible to discern the voice of God from other voices.

It's for all who trust in Him, and discover that He makes their paths straight. 

This is for those who believe in taking every thought captive.

Every thought.

Even small thoughts.

If you present your entire self as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, and conform your heart and mind, not to this culture, but to Christ, then you will be able to test (discern) the good and perfect will of God.

In all things, correct?

So. What is God saying to me, to you, about TV news and social media?

Has God called you to watch more news on TV?

If God has said to you, "Watch more TV news," then you must do that, and who am I to judge?

As for me, here is what God is calling me to do. God has told me, "Watch less news on TV."

And, "Pick days where you go the entire day without watching TV news." I am doing this today. I am looking at no news reports today, all day. Check in with me tomorrow to see if I survived! (It's 10:30 AM - so far, so good.)

I cannot decide this for you. But God can decide this for me.

God has told me, "John, spend far more time with Me than with the TV." This is my focus today. That will be good for my soul.