Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Linda's Birthday!

Wednesday morning, August 3. 

Linda and I are home. Last week we were in Dayton where I was teaching at Payne Theological Seminary. When I teach at Payne we stay at a very nice hotel with a beautiful outdoor pool. I travel each day to Wilberforce, Ohio, where the seminary is located. Linda gets to take much-needed R&R at the hotel, which is adjacent to some excellent restaurants where she gets lunch.

Today is Linda's birthday! And on August 11 we'll  celebrate forty-three years of marriage together.

I thank God regularly for giving me Linda, my beautiful life partner. While I find her beautiful on the outside, she is amazingly beautiful on the inside. She has a vast personal ministry to many people. She is a source of wisdom for constant callers. She is a compassionate God-seeker and prayer warrior. Linda has a fierce, loyal, unswerving faith in Jesus. She has many gifts and uses them for the glory of God. And, she is a great support and strength to me.

Thank you God, for giving Linda to me, and to so many others!