Sunday, June 02, 2019

Two Philosophy of Religion Books

(Korean BBQ, in Queens, NYC)

A lot of what I write on this blog is for myself. For me my blog serves as a repository of writings and references of things I am passionate about. I often re-write older posts to hopefully update and improve them. 

Two areas I constantly study are philosophy of religion and apologetics. I read like a madman in these areas. I may not know much about auto mechanics, but I do know some things about these things. Two books I picked up recently are:

Unbelievable: Why after ten years of talking with atheists I'm still a Christian, by Justin Brierley. I'm about halfway through the book and loving it! It's very accessible, and really smart.

Two Dozen (or so) Arguments for God: The Plantinga Project, by Jerry Walls and Trent Dougherty. This is a heavy intellectual text. I am familiar with a number of the arguments. Others are brand new to me. In the past two days I read the first 4-5 pages of every article, to get a feel for the book. I will have to increase my understanding and utilizing of Bayesian probability theory to understand at least two of the arguments.
I am fascinated by these arguments. Such as,

The Argument from Intentionality, or Aboutness

The Argument from Natural Numbers

The Argument from Positive Epistemic Status

The Argument from the Confluence of Proper Function and Reliability

The Argument from Simplicity and (M) the Argument from Induction: Atheistic Induction by Boltzmann Brains

The Argument from Colors and Flavors: The Argument from Consciousness (by Richard Swinburne)

...and many more.

What fun, at least for those who spend their lives doing philosophy of religion!