Wednesday, June 05, 2019

The Language of a Presence-Driven Church

(Soho, New York City)

Linda and I are still in New York City teaching Presence-Driven Leadership to our beautiful friends at Faith Bible Church and Faith Bible Seminary.  

When I preach at Redeemer in Monroe this coming Sunday on "In Revival There Is An Outpouring of the Father's Love" I will have some stories to share about what God has been doing with us in NYC.

In addition, we are doing four evening seminars. Tonight at Hope Center in Flushing I will teach on Why I Believe the Bible Is From God, 7:30 PM.

This is from my book Leading the Presence-Driven Church.

In our presence-driven church I constantly speak words like:

  • Abiding 
  • Presence 
  • Listening 
  • Hearing 
  • Following 
  • Obedience 
  • Leading by being led 
  • Discerning Together 
  • Testifying 
  • Experiencing 
  • Formation 
  • Transformation 
  • Jesus-follower 
  • Worshiper 
  • Spirit-empowered 
  • Praying 

These, and others, form a core vocabulary which shapes expectations. As Ruth Haley Barton writes: 

“Transforming community begins to emerge as we establish shared understanding about what spiritual transformation is, develop shared language for talking about and encouraging one another in the process, and embrace a shared commitment to arranging our lives for spiritual transformation.”