Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Encounters with the Holy Spirit - Book Now Available!

This book is a collection of essays on the Holy Spirit from Christian leaders who are active in Holy Spirit Renewal Ministries. It is the story of a conference that became a family. The chapters present a biblical and theological understanding of the Holy Spirit, with stories of experiencing and encountering the Spirit. 

Like both wings of an airplane are needed to get off the ground and soar, soaring with God's Spirit requires good thinking about the Spirit and encounters and experiences with the Spirit. We believe you will discover both in this collection of essays. You will gain deeper understanding of the Holy Spirit's ways.

We pray this will culminate in a life of greater experience with God. May the Holy Spirit encourage, strengthen, illuminate, and empower you as you read this book!

Edited by myself and Janice Trigg, with chapters by Annie Dieselberg, Clay Ford, Ross Lieuallan, John Grove, Teri Nyberg, Lee Spitzer, Ed Owens, Pam Wantz, and Norelle Lutke.

You can buy the book HERE - $11.95.

Kindle edition coming soon!

Cover art by Nicole Griffith.