Saturday, June 08, 2019

A Quiet Heart, Wherever We Are

Linda, Greg and Audrey Woo, and I climbed "Vessel" (8 stories) in New York City.

I assigned the students in my class at Faith Bible Seminary to pray one hour a day for the next seven days. Using Psalm 23 as their meditative focus. 

One of the students emailed me today and shared that it was a challenge to pray when the noise of the big city was in the background.

This reminded me of when I taught a class on praying in Singapore. Many of the students, including me, found a place outdoors and prayed. Singapore is a very active city! 

I wrote the student back and said: It is possible to have such a quiet heart that even the noise of the city will not interrupt it. This is the heart-stillness God desires to produce in us. Then we will hear God speaking to us wherever we are.