Thursday, October 05, 2023

Children of Divorce Exhibit More Self-destructive Behavior


Divorce shatters the hearts of the children. They may blame themselves for the disaster. The foundation has been ripped out from beneath them. They will need help. Now they are forced to deal with complex issues they should never have had to face.

And yet...  I've heard a person considering divorce say, "The kids will be OK." What foolishness.

I've written about this before -

"Divorced, Deceased Parents linked to Kids' Smoking and Drinking."

"We know from previous research that people may take up risky health behaviors as a coping strategy or as a form of self-medication, to help them cope with stressful situations," noted Rebecca Lacey, an author of the study and a senior research associate at University College London.

"Children who experience the loss of a father or mother early in life are more likely to smoke and drink before they hit their teens, a new study of English families found. This association between parental absence and risky behavior in childhood occurred no matter whether the cause was death, separation or divorce."

Parents - do everything you can to save your marriage, for your kids' sake.