Thursday, October 05, 2023

Reading Feminism Against Progress


                                                     (Inverted sunset over Lake Michigan)

I'm taking time today to catch up on some reading projects. One of them is Feminism Against Progress, by Mary Harrington. She's quite a writer, creative and brilliant. Having been a theological progressive herself, she thoroughly debunks what she calls "Progress Theology," with its strange unbiblical myth that humanity is making moral and spiritual progress. Especially, how Progress Theology has shackled women.

Here's a little quote that serves as a window into the house Harrington is restoring.

"What travels under the term 'progress' is revolutionary destruction of previously immutable-seeming limits. This is usually framed as moral advancement, but in practice follows a two-step ratchet. This first is a shining picture of the utopia that will follow when all the old norms are dissolved and new, improved ones are free to form in the space thus cleared. Then, whatever has been smashed in pursuit of progress ends up reordered to the atomized laws of the market."