Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Solitary Unbusyness with God

Doors, in Monroe County

Today I've been able to get away and get alone with God. I've prayed for some things, and listened for God's voice. I've written some things down in my journal that are from God, to me. All this restores, renews, and refreshes me. 

I get away often and meet with God. So did Jesus. It was his custom to go alone to meet with the Father. If Jesus needed to do this, who am I not to, since I am one of his followers.And it is so very, very good to do this. It's good for God, for me, for Linda, and for my church family and beyond. Nothing but life and goodness comes from much time spent alone in God's presence.

The simple truth is that God is God, and I am not. Ruth Haley Barton emphasizes the importance of acknowledging this. She writes:

"There are limits to my relational, emotional, mental and spiritual capacities. I am not God. God is the only one who can be all things to all people. God is the only one who can be two places at once. God is the one who never sleeps. I am not. We can’t remind ourselves of this enough. This is pretty basic stuff, but many of us live as though we don’t know it."

My effectiveness for Christ and his kingdom is directly proportional to my solitary unbusyness in relationship with God.