Thursday, April 23, 2015

Prayer as Allowing God Access To the Deep Self (PrayerLife)

Linda and I in Brasilia, Brazil
I read Henri Nouwen because he was connected to God. He prayed, actually. Nouwen is a very good theoretician, but theory without experience means nothing. Nouwen didn't theorize about prayer, he actually prayed. 

This is good because experience, not theory, breeds conviction. Nouwen is the kind of person I need to hear from; viz., someone who does original research in the life of prayer. Someone who knows God, allows God access to the depths of their being, and can guide me to that beautiful place.

Out of his deep prayer life Nouwen theorizes. First pray; second theorize about the prayer life. Nouwen reflects biblically, theologically, and psychologically on his experience with God, especially in times of praying. Because he actually prays his theories on praying are worth listening to.

Nouwen saw prayer as a whole-being experience. He writes:

 "Prayer is the bridge between my unconscious and conscious life. Prayer connects my mind with my heart, my will with my passions, my brain with my belly. Prayer is the way to let the life-giving Spirit of God penetrate all the corners of my being. Prayer is the divine instrument of my wholeness, unity, and inner peace."