Saturday, April 11, 2015

Praying To An All-Powerful God (PrayerLife)

Rose in my kitchen window.
If you believe there is a God who created this universe, then you should easily believe that God is powerful enough to address your struggles.

God is omnipotent. God can do everything that is possible to do. Does this mean that God can create a rock so heavy he can't lift? Or a burrito so hot he can't hold? Or a god more powerful than himself? No. Because these are all logical nonsense questions, variations on this nonsense non-statement: There is an all-powerful being that is not powerful enough to do some things.

The idea that an all-powerful being is not powerful to do some things is a logical contradiction, like "square circle" or "married bachelor." It's not that square circles are hard to find or difficult to conceive. Square circles cannot exist and cannot be conceived (cannot be thought of; i.e., one cannot form a mental image of "square circle" because such a thing is a logical impossibility). It's the same with "limited all-powerful being." 

I sometimes hear a person say "Some people cannot change." Or: "My spouse will never change." But that can't be right, since it is logically possible to change, and God can do all things that are logically possible. To think that some people cannot change or will never change is to tacitly deny the omnipotence of God. If God made a universe out of nothing, then surely God can change a person who is already something. God is powerful enough to make something different out of something. And, God can resurrect the dead.

When you pray you enter into a conversation with an Omnipotent Being Who, BTW, is also Love. 

God is an Almighty, Loving Personal Agent who is more than capable of addressing your struggles, now. Bring them to him, in prayer.