Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Restoration Scene #1 - Places In the Heart Final Scene

There are two movies that had the most powerful scenes of Kingdom-family restoration I have ever seen.

One of them is "Places In the Heart." Here is the final scene.

As the elements of communion move from person to person, we see that people in conflict have reconciled, and are together again. 
The man who cheated on her and then left his wife has had a change of heart.
Moze (Danny Glover), the black man who helped the widow save her farm, but who was driven off by the KKK – Moze is back.
We see people who’ve died in the movie reunited with their families.
And we see the widow (Sally Field) served communion by her children. Then she turns to serve her husband, the sheriff, who is killed in the opening scenes of the movie, by accident, by a drunken black teenager showing off with a gun. 
Then the dead sheriff turns and serves communion to the young man, Wylie, who killed him and brought such harm to his family. The last words of the film are spoken by Wylie to the sheriff, very quietly, as he receives communion: Peace of God.
The transcendent beauty of reconciliation and restoration...  
This is heaven, where we find grace and a powerful forgiveness that is so much more scarce in this life here. And as we pray so frequently, may we have that experience of heaven here and now: Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.