Saturday, January 17, 2015

Je ne suis pas Charlie

Somali protesters chant slogans holding placards reading "I am a Muslim, and I love my prophet", on 17 January.
In Somalia, protesters held placards reading, "I am Muslim and I love my Prophet."
If I call someone a &%$#^! and he murders me, we have two wrongs:

1. It is wrong to murder.
2. It is wrong to degrade people by calling them things like a "&%$#^!."

It is against the law to murder; it is not against the law to call people names and make fun of them. But both are examples of subhumanity. Both are immoral. Both are ineffective in making this world better.

I don't think governments should try to legislate all of morality. But humane, moral, loving people should self-legislate and not participate in hate-language. Hate-language breeds hatred. (See here, e.g., as the rage-war builds - grâce Charlie...)

This is why Je ne suis pas Charlie, and Je ne suis pas Isis.
Je veux être plus comme Jésus.