Thursday, January 22, 2015

For My Torah Class This Sunday Night


This Sunday (6 PM) I'm going to:

1. Review the last two sessions on biblical interpretation.

2. Add another teaching on biblical interpretation (I'll have a handout for this).

3. Summarize the content of Genesis chapters 12-50.

4. Ask the class if anyone has written a question or thought or comment when you read Genesis 12-50 this week.

5. There is especially one Big Idea in these chapters - what is it?

6. Then I'll make my own comments on:

- Symbolic numbers and literal numbers in the Bible.
- Melchizedek - who was he?
- What it meant to Sarai to be renamed Sarah.
- What's the deal with polygamy in Genesis?
- Camels in Genesis 24.
- What it meant for Jacob's name to be changed to Israel.
- And then...  what it means to "cut" a covenant.

I look forward to being with you Sunday night!