Monday, January 12, 2015

God Is Always Speaking to us (PrayerLife)

Linden Avenue Baptist Church, Dayton, Ohio

When I send seminary students out to pray I sometimes say, "God has much that he wants to say to you today." If only we would learn how to listen to God we would hear his voice among the many competing voices that vie for our attention.

How do you grow in hearing God's voice?

1. Spend much time with God.
2. Saturate yourself in the Scriptures.
3. Hang around people who do 1 and 2.

Henri Nouwen writes: "God is always speaking to us, but it requires spiritual discernment to hear God’s voice, see what God sees, and read the signs in daily life." (Nouwen, Discernment: Reading the Signs of Daily Life, p. 42)