Monday, January 19, 2015

Host a "Surrendered Life" Event at Your Church

Connie Goncin

You can host a "Surrendered Life" event at your church. Connie Goncin will share her amazing testimony of how God rescued her out of darkness and into His light (see "A Wild Weed Finds a Home In the Garden of God").

Sue Anderson will follow up with her clear, excellent teachings on "Living Out of Your Identity in Christ" (See the video clip above).

Sue writes: "I have a passionate desire for Christians to know the finished work of Christ in their lives. To know they are a New Creation and the old has passed. My heart is to equip them to never give life circumstances, or the enemy, a voice in determining their identity and relationship with God. We are to run this race well living in faith and relationship with our Heavenly Father showing the world His love."  

Sue and Connie are from my church. We hosted a "Surrendered Life" evening this fall, and it was powerful and beautiful!

To inquire about having a "Surrendered Life" event at your church please contact:

Dr. John Piippo