Monday, September 15, 2014

WORSHIP 1 - Intimacy, Identity, Worship

This class begins tomorrow at Redeemer. Send Holly an email if you want to join.

WORSHIP I – Intimacy, Identity & Worship

Instructor – Holly Benner                            734-625-6025              (my personal blog on my growing worship theology!)

Course Description

True worship and adoration is birthed out of intimacy with God. I believe that one of the major hindrances to intimacy with God is having misconceptions about the identity of God and the identity of yourself in Him. This class will focus on building and furthering that love relationship with Him while defining the truth about who you are.


Students will gain a Biblical understanding of the definition of worship and how we live it.
Students will develop/cultivate their personal relationship with God.
Students will learn about the importance of intimacy with God, how it relates to worship and effective partnership in His Kingdom.


*In-class attendance and participation                                  *Thanksgiving journal – typed
*Completion of periodic homework                                       *Demonstration of understanding of the material

Teaching Method

Personal reading, worship and interaction with God
Class lectures & discussions

Supplemental Resources:   (aka  Holly’s recommendations!!! J)

The Fire of God’s Love – Bob Sorge
Holiness, Truth and the Presence of God – Francis Frangipane (one of my all-time favorite books!)
Divine Love Song: Discover God’s Passion for You in the Song of Solomon – Elizabeth Mulloy
After God’s Own Heart: Becoming a David Generation – Mike Bickle
The Song of Songs: The Divine Romance Between God and Man – Watchman Nee
Passion For Jesus: Cultivating Extravagant Love For God – Mike Bickle
Worship Warrior: Ascending in Worship, Descending in War – Chuck Pierce
Face To Face With God – Bill Johnson
The Jesus Creed – Scot McKnight


DUE:   Thanksgiving journal is to be finished and brought with you to class on Friday, December 2nd at 9:30 a.m.

ASSIGNMENT:  Create a record of 1,000 unrepeated things you are thankful for.
            ~Breakdown à 9/16/14 – 12/1/14 =  77 days
                        *1,000/70 = 13 things you’re thankful for per day.


*To implement thanksgiving to God into your daily life as an ongoing habit and discipline. Thanksgiving is the lens through which life with God should be seen. It shifts our thinking and our response to the circumstances around us. Thanksgiving is the cornerstone of a lifestyle of worship.
                        ~Thanksgiving is the entry way into the manifest presence of God. (Psalm 100:4)

                        ~At least 60 times in Scripture it is said to “remember” the works of the Lord. Thankfulness remembers what God has done, which propels us to hope in Him for what He will do in the future. (Ephesians 2:11-12)

            *Romans 12:2 says to “be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” I believe that that thankfulness is a tool God uses to renew our mind. As you practice daily thankfulness, I believe you will begin to see a transformation in your thoughts and how you respond to your circumstances.